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The Law of Attraction and How It Works


The Balance through Meditation for Beginnersof Attraction and How It Works


Permission to Heal Healing Emotionally

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I believe that with the right support and coaching everyone can enjoy a happy and fulfilling life and companies can enjoy a harmonious and co-operative environment and team. I often integrate my skills in order to provide the best solutions for the best outcomes. I have a solid understanding of the energy system as well and how it all works and enjoy sharing that knowledge with my clients in order to optimize their healing and performance.


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    Life Coaching

    • NLP Life Coaching
    • Master Personal Breakthrough Experience
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    Time-Line Therapy

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    Inner Child Healing

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    Bio-Energy Healing and Reiki

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    Genos Emotional Intelligence

  • Healing-Naturally-Dragonfly

    EMDR Therapy for Trauma Release and Reprogramming

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    Corporate Wellness Programs

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    Wellness Retreats

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The Spirit of Dreams by Lara Park

Have you ever had a dream of an animal and wondered what it meant? The Spirit of Dreams enters into the mystical world of the animal kingdom. This is a channelled book that brings meaning and guidance from the animal kingdom into our dreams. The Spirit of Dreams gives various meanings and practical advice on how to use the messages given to us in our dreams in our everyday life. It is geared toward children, adolescents, and teenagers but can easily be adapted to anyone of any age.

Let this book help you decipher and understand the deeper meaning hidden in your dreams and guide you on your path.

The meanings in this book can also be adapted to everyday experience of these animals and is not restricted to dreams, so if you notice an animal showing up for you repeatedly, let this book give you some guidance.

You did not Wake up today to be Mediocre.

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Testimonials about Healing Naturally

I cannot recommend Lara enough! Her compassion and understanding of the human psyche, emotional intelligence and the trials and tribulations we all face navigating this journey called life are incredible.

She is able to give insights and advice that will literally transform your life.

Cindyanne May

April 2024

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October 2023

Dear Lara

Thank you for all the love and healing you have given to the boys and I. The most remarkable changes have happened with Josh, who no longer requires Ritalin and who is emotionally stronger than I ever thought possible. After being told by a psychologist there was nothing more he can do I had given up on Josh ever being happy. Thank you for giving me my child back.

All my love

Dear Lara

Thank you so much for all the time you have spent on me. Your treatments have made the world of difference.

Wishing you all the best for the year ahead and I will see you soon.



Dear Lara,

I want to say how grateful we are for you giving up a whole morning of family time during the holidays to run the collage morning for us.

We are all aspiring artists in some way or the other and I know this exercise will help to unlock some of those blocks which we have carried with us for most of our lives.

You are a gifted healer, teacher and practitioner and I trust that you will use this small token of appreciation for your own special “me time”.

Lots of love
Hazel, Sandy, Brigette, Heidi and Shei

Lara has helped me in getting to understand how different scenarios throughout my life followed similar patterns and the freedom of working through the raw emotions and ability to oversee myself.

She also helped me to get in touch with the real and inner me. Life coaching has helped me develop alternative behaviour paths and approaches to situations and in my career, has assisted me in not emotionally attaching myself to a company and looking at circumstances more practically. I have found life coaching to be very rewarding.

July 2019

Lara is truly a blessing in the unique skills she has as a counsellor as well as her gentle and healing touch. Lara has seen me through some of the lowest points in my life,

but her help and guidance always proved to assist me. She gave me not only hope but a consistent support structure with objective guidance.

Her approach has always helped pave a way forward that is best suited to me. Lara is professional in her approach but with the right amount of warmth and friendliness

and her integrity is admirable to say the least. Lara is truly talented in each field she offers and I highly recommend her to anyone!

Calvin Moncur (Pienaar)
Principal / Founding Director
(Psychological Counsellor)

From the moment you enter Lara’s presence, you sense a feeling of calm and serenity. She has an aura about her that encourages you to be still and listen to your body and environment. I have been seeing Lara for 6 months and am so excited about the healing that is taking place. Lara has been realigning my energies and shifting blockages in my body. We have uncovered past experiences that I have not dealt with adequately, and she has helped me through the process of forgiving, healing, and moving on as a whole person. Lara has taught me to value myself and really appreciate real relationships. I leave a session with Lara, feeling renewed and ready to take on the world. After every session I am more able to cope with life’s challenges and the everyday tasks that sometimes seemed too much. Lara’s sage words stay with me between sessions and encourage me to continue growing and learning. I would highly recommend a series of sessions with Lara!!!

18 July 2016