Zentai with Lara Park

Zentai with Lara Park

Zentai is an old Japanese word meaning Complete or all covering.

This treatment is applied to the hands and feet, which are the body's interface to the rest of the world. Our physical connection to the world is almost entirely through the hands and feet. Every meridian either starts or ends on the hands and feet.

Access through meridian and reflex points combined with Zen Shiatsu manipulation allows us to stimulate and restore full function to the controlling energy flows of the body, and through them, restore full function on all levels of the persons being.

Zentai works on both a physical and emotional level and is beneficial for absolutely everyone, bringing balance and restoration to the functions of the body.

Good for those who suffer with lymphatic fluid build up, stress, congestion of the sinuses and organs and circulation.

Anyone who enjoys the benefits of reflexology will enjoy Zentai. Where reflexology focuses just on the feet, Zentai focuses on both hands and feet and is a more complete therapy.

Lara is also a trainer for Zentai and offers the Basic and Advanced course in order to become a qualified Zentai Therapist. Perfect on its own or to compliment your existing portfolio