Bio-Energy Healing and Reiki with Lara Park

Bio-Energy Healing and Reiki with Lara Park

Most systems of energy healing are similar, using universal energy to balance one’s energetic body. Reiki is probably one of the most widely practiced forms of energy healing and what sets it apart slightly is the attunement one must receive before being able to practice, as well as the symbols which may or may not be used.

How does it work?

Everyone has an energy force which drives the cells in their body. When this energy becomes blocked or distorted, it results in emotional, mental and physical ill health. When there are imbalances in your energy, you could experience imbalanced emotional responses such as anger, resentment, self- pity, depression and fear to name a few.

The body’s energy system records everything throughout your life and either sits in ease or dis-ease. If your energy is sitting in dis-ease and left in this state, it begins to alter your emotional state and eventually your physical state. The healer accesses your body’s energy system, detects any blockages or distortions and using higher frequencies, corrects these, thereby placing your body back into a position to heal itself.

Your energy system consists of seven layers of energy vibrating at different frequencies and reflecting different colours the same as our chakras, which are reflected through the body, at various points. There are seven major chakras, (vortexes of energy), and 29 minor chakras. Each of these vibrates at its own frequency and reflects a specific colour too. Each major chakra encompasses a range of organs and emotions which fall within that specific frequency. All of this is referred to as the Human Aura. Many meditations, healings and energy work focus on the chakras.

What can I expect?

Each person’s body has its own pace of healing. You cannot expect to go for one session and walk out completely healed. What you will feel from the start is a feeling of well-being and a subtle inner strength and sense of upliftment. Each time you have a healing, your energy centers are restored to their natural balance which in turn assists the body with healing. As this process happens, emotional issues are calmed and gently integrated so that they no longer block your energy and fester, resulting in later health issues.