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Permission to Heal – Healing Emotionally

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If you are tired of being an emotional wreck and exhausted by your emotional throw out, then this is the course for you. Each day you choose to do this “another day” or when you “have time”, you are sink deeper into pain. You can start your journey out of pain and into healing as soon as today. Right Now! Delaying this, your pain will continue to feel worse.  You could land up eating away even more of your self-esteem and value. Continue to tarnish amazing relationships and make life more difficult than it needs to be. Healing will take place whether you are conscious of it or not, so you might as well heal consciously and get the best results.

My healing journey


I Get It!

You always get through and come to your senses and then proceed to make deals with yourself. The reality though is that you probably feel so overwhelmed sometimes that you don’t even know where to begin. I have been there. Watching myself behave the same way I promised myself the last time, I wouldn’t. Diving into the same pain I thought I had worked through, devising a strategy to avoid the pit all together, only for it fail AGAIN!

It has taken me months and years of healing………

Learning how to use the skills I have studied so that they can work for me. Now, I am not afraid or confused anymore. I know I’ve got this and exactly how to master my healing so that I just keep getting stronger  and more empowered. I do not fear being hurt or feel incapable of dealing with an emotional challenge. I’ve got this!

This is why I am passionate……

about teaching you what I know, so that you don’t have to figure this all out on your own. You don’t have to  keep diving into the depths of despair. Hoping for someone to save you or for your healing to miraculously occur. When you take this course you will begin to master saving yourself.

You know, I spent 24 years in a marriage……..

Accepting conditions which I made normal. In comparison to my childhood, things had turned up and I thought I was now rather fortunate. That was until I had my children. I soon  realized that I could not put them through what I had made acceptable. After my divorce and in my second relationship in life, doors opened to emotions I had buried in order to gain “emotional stability”. I honestly felt like a raving lunatic a lot of the time.  Tthis relationship gave me the opportunity to begin healing and facing the demons I had learnt to contain many moons ago.

Fast forward……

Again to the moment I ended this relationship. My heart felt like it was being ripped from my chest. During this time I I decided that I wanted to experience the essence and depth of all emotions so that I could be the healer I needed to be for others and be whole again.

From this moment on I experienced some of the darkest moments in my existence……..

I re-lived some of the horrors of my childhood and the unacceptable acceptables of my marriage. We talk about the layers of healing. That healing is a spiral with no end. What I have learnt is that each emotion has many facets and it is only through walking through the centre of each of these that we can truly understand their nature. Free ourselves to navigate through the complexity of life and relationships with greater confidence and far more options.

I only have to cast my memory back……….

To the moment I found myself lying on the lounge floor in pitch darkness. Gasping for a breath after realizing, that in my pain I had gone into a trance of nothingness. Somewhere along that path I had stopped breathing. As I stared into nothingness it felt like I had come face to face with a life force greater than myself.

Fast forward again……….

To where I am now. I look back at the many emotional battles I have had and still have. I can’t tell you there is no more pain or that I am the epitome of emotional stability. I can tell you that now, through the use of my training and knowledge, I am able to identify when I am in an un-resourceful state. Or at least heading there. I am fairly confident now in which tools are going to get me back to safety and get me back into a resourceful state so healing can occur. All the while still keeping the value of my experience. I still get disappointed by my behaviour at times, but it happens less and less and the intensity is tiny in comparison. Each time I am able to extract more value to add to my growth.

So after navigating many spirals and levels……….

This is the one I would l really love to share with you. One of the most surprising is learning that without forgiving yourself for letting yourself down, the healing is under powered and limited. I know this because I have spent many years travelling the road of healing. Even though I could agree that I was healing, there seemed to be a resistance I couldn’t quite understand. Until I realized that just about every road leads to self -forgiveness. I had done the exercises of self-forgiveness so many times but when I got down to the base layers of my pain, self- forgiveness was right there. Staring at me.  Demanding my absolute truth. And here I realized that forgiving myself was all that really mattered.

And so here we are……..

Having traveled a long and difficult road. Having learnt so much along the way, I am hoping to help you on your healing journey.  To make it shorter and hopefully a little less painful. So, journey with me as I share with you my many understandings and techniques.

The contents of this course are intended for informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult a medical expert should you feel your mental and emotional health is at risk.


Healing and transformation

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Lara is a qualified NLP Life Coach and Counsellor specializing in emotional breakthrough's. She is also a qualified Bio-energy Healer and uses these skills to integrate healing for her clients. Lara has been in the healing and coaching field since 2003 and is invested in teaching her clients how to become emotionally independent.

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