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Life Coaching

Lara uses NLP, (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), focused life coaching, which works at the root level of emotion and behavior through identifying and correcting unconscious behaviors. More and more people are stumbling with emotional and behavioral issues and despite great efforts to make changes, find themselves repeating the very behavior they trying to avoid. This is a very person centered approach which helps the client reclaim themselves and once again feel empowered. NLP coaching differs from other coaching in that we focus on change in the unconscious mind which is where our behavior comes from instead of just creating tools for change, which makes this form of coaching highly effective.


Time-Line Therapy

This is a form of therapy which is directly linked to NLP and is highly effective for releasing negative emotions which run our behavior. This is used together with coaching. This is extremely effective for heavily charged emotional events and traumas.


Counselling & Life Skills

Lara uses a combination of counselling methods mostly incorporating the Person Centered Approach and Cognitive Behavioral Approach. She helps the client draw on existing resources within themselves and process events which may have been suppressed or distorted. With this she elicits life skills for the client to use in order to achieve the results they seek.


Genos Emotional Intelligence for the Workplace

Lara is a qualified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. She uses the Genos tools of assessment and solutions to help raise employee engagement, enhance resilience, improve teamwork, raise leader productivity and create a positive climate for change. She supports clients in identifying, recruiting and developing emotionally intelligent people using the Genos unique EI Selection Report.


Personal Breakthrough Experience

This is a program designed to achieve fast, long lasting results using NLP techniques and Time-Line Therapy. There are two programs currently available, being the Personal Breakthrough – 9 hours, and the Master Personal Breakthrough – 15 hours, all designed and broken up around the clients availability. Both these programs are life changing.


NLP Hypnotherapy

This type of hypnotherapy is highly effective in that it uses the language of the unconscious brain which is where it differs to normal hypnotherapy. Contrary to popular belief, you remain in control of your session throughout. This must not be confused with stage hypnosis.


Bio-Energy Healing / Reiki

Everyone has an energy force which drives the cells in their body. When this energy becomes blocked or distorted, it results in emotional, mental and physical ill health. When there are imbalances in your energy, you could experience imbalanced emotional responses such as anger, resentment, self- pity, depression, anxiety and fear to name a few. The body’s energy system records everything throughout your life and either sits in ease or dis-ease. If your energy is sitting in dis-ease and left in this state, it begins to alter your emotional state and eventually your physical state. The healer accesses your body’s energy system, detects any blockages or distortions and using higher frequencies, corrects these, thereby placing your body back into a position to heal itself.


Corporate Wellness Programs

Lara offers corporate wellness programs tailored to your needs. This can include life coaching strategies, counselling, behavioral strategies, goal setting, vision board workshops, de-stressing workshops, conflict resolution and much more.

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