Nutritional Support

Lara qualified as a Wellness Facilitator and Nutritional Consultant in November 2011, with Stuart Wilson & Associates, now operating as the Academy of Wellness.

As the body needs nutrition in order to function on a physical level, a history is taken of dis-eases and existing nutrition. Intolerances and allergies are identified and those items eliminated from the diet for a period of time. Supplementation as well as a modified diet/nutrition is put into place and progress monitored where necessary.

Lara has had great success in treating ADD/ADHD, degenerative dis-eases, depression, weight issues, migraines and IBS to name a few.

Click here to take your free nutritional assessment. Once you get this back you can decide if it is sufficient for you to make the necessary changes or if you would like to enter into a program with Lara. This program involves a more in depth assessment, a diet analysis and if required, investigations into food intolerances and allergies. You are then given suggestions on your diet and supplementation. There is a once off option or a support option involving follow ups and re assessment.

Fee Structure for 2013 (subject to change without notice)

R550 - Nutritional Assessment, report and recommendations

R1500 - Nutritional Assessment, report and recommendations, two follow up visits and a final assessment

R2500 - Nutritional Assessment, report and recommendations, five follow up visits and a final assessment

Any appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice will be charged for