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About Lara Park

Lara started her career in financial accounting and enjoyed a flourishing and successful career for 13 years. During this time Lara became interested in alternative therapies. After Lara had her second child she resigned as Regional Financial Controller with Southern Sun Hotels and picked up what had become her passion of holistic healing. She qualified as a Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master in April 2004. She went on to qualify as a Zentai Therapist/Trainer in November 2006. This was all done under the umbrella of THASA (The Healing Association of South Africa).

Lara later studied and achieved her advanced certificate in Hypnotherapy in August 2009 through The South African Academy of Hypnosis.

After realizing just how much all the body systems are interlinked she decided that learning about nutrition was a must and went on to qualify as a Wellness Facilitator and Nutritional Consultant in November 2011, with Stuart Wilson & Associates, now operating as the Academy of Wellness.

As part of Lara's value added service, she is a Sh'zen consultant and offers her clients their high quality products.